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ESTATE AGENT BOARDS - Technical Information


1. T-Boards (Sizes 610mm x 813mm / 705mm x 705mm)



T Boards are constructed from 2 sheets of 4mm white correx, welded together on either side and printed on each face. Designed for the post to be inserted between the two boards. 



2. Flag Boards (610mm x 813mm / 705mm x 705mm)



Flag boards are manufactured from a single sheet of 6mm white correx printed on either side of the board, leaving a 47mm space on one side to allow for fitting into a slotted post



3. Single Sided Boards (610mm x 813mm / 705mm x 705mm)


Single sided boards are made from just one sheet of 4mm white correx printed on one side of the board only.



4. V Boards (610mm x 450mm)



Mini V Boards are printed onto correx sheets and scored to form a V shaped board that can easily be attached to walls or windows (with suction cups). Designed to protrude from a building front and viewed from either side by passing flow.



5. Custom Shaped (Fall within a maximum of 610mm x 813mm)

We have facilities to create almost any types of custom cut estate agent board. In order for your custom shaped board to remain legal it should fall within the legal size restrictions of 610mm x 813, but we can print and cut these at what size you require.



6. Commercial Boards


 As standard we print these onto a 4mm correx board unless a 6mm board is requested at additional cost. Available in the following standard sizes and printed to one side of the board only. 

  • 2440mm x 1220mm
  • 1530mm x 1220mm
  • 1220mm x 914mm



7. Estate Agent Board Slips



Designed to placed on top of a board when a sale or let is complete. Maximum standard size is 813mm x 150mm, Available as single sided or double sided. 



8. 8ft Fitting Posts



50mm x 50mm x 8ft square timber posts painted in the colour of your choice. Available to fit T-Board style or Flag board style Estate Agent Boards. 



If you require any further advice or assistance with any of the boards or styles listed above please feel free to call a member of our team on 0207 183 2901 or contact us via email.



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