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The online market place for roller banners is extremely varied with a massive difference in specification and prices. How does one place their products online to be attractive and yet competitively priced to the consumer?

A quick online search will see you come across companies selling roller banners for as little as £35.00 with free delivery, how is this even possible? A closer look at the product description will reveal that the printed graphic panel is often printed on a cheap PVC banner material. PVC material for roller banners presents a whole host of issues, one of the major ones being the material will start to curl on both sides and offers no light stop properties once placed against a window or an area with high lighting the centre support bar will cast a shadow on the front of the print.

Our complete range of roller banners is printed on the highest quality grey back, flat max material, meaning it will never curl on the edges and offers superior light stop properties, coupled with the highest quality UV printing you can rest assure and expect a high definition print quality on all our roller banners, everything from our budget Gorilla roller stands to our premium Eagle stands, guaranteed highest quality each and every time.

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