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HP Latex Vs Roland - An honest opinion from a user of both

Posted on May 02 2013

The millionaire dollar question, which is better? Which one should I go for? What are the pro and cons of each?

You only have to have a walk around the Sign Digital show to quickly realise the number of Roland machines on show on a variety of stands. HP seems to be hiding the latex away from potential customers and I can honestly say I think I have seen two machines throughout the whole show. 

I've found some interesting resources that compare both the machines and offer some valuable feedback to anyone struggling to make a decision. The video below attempts to make the Roland look like a bad machine what HP have failed to mention here is the lack of time it takes to set up the HP, the time you wait for it to reach optimum working temperature and the specialist power supply you need to operate the machine. 

I found the following article on the ponygraphics blog which does a direct comparison on the latex and roland machine, a very good read which offers some valubale advice for any newbie looking to purchase either of the two machines. 

Comparison of Latex and Roland Machines


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