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Sign Digital UK - Second day with Roland DG

Posted on May 02 2013

The second day at the show is predicted to be the busiest day of the entire three-days; this year saw it being no different. The doors opened at 10.00am and the crowds kept coming, I don't think I recall a quite period on the Roland stand at any time during the day.

Something I found very interesting was the number of newbies seriously considering purchasing kit, some of the people I spoke to have either been made redundant or have left firms to set up as sign makers on their own. The government keeps reminding us that we are in a recession but this didn't seem to scare people parting with large amounts of cash. 

The Roland VS 640 at £16496 with an additional £1000 seems to be the one everyone is interesting in and why wouldn’t it be, a 64” print cut machine with metallic and white ink options oh and a fantastic take up reel...a no brainer in my opinion. How can you not make money from this printer?

The most interesting person of the day had to be a 70 year old man who purchased a plotter in 1984 from Roland at the Sign Digital show, he was so proud to say that he is still using the machine and that he had very little problems with it apart from the fact he still has to use his old computer with it as he can't get hold of updated drivers or a connection port convertor.


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