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Print Week Magazine Feature

Posted on March 15 2013

January 2013 Edition

The January edition of the respected Print Week Magazine saw them run a three page spread on vehicle wrapping. James our wrapping expert was quoted through out the article on various aspects of wrapping.

James Sahota, managing director at Group101 printer and vehicle wrapping sub-business Wraps101, says customers are now really starting to see how effective a marketing tool printed vehicle graphics are. "People are realising that an advert on a vehicle will be out on the road all day long; it's a fantastic selling tool because your vehicle is constantly moving around where people are going to see it," he says.

If the printer isn't speedy, warns Group101's Sahota, they may soon see their wrap margins dwindle, due to the fact that the going rate for this kind work isn't actually that high anymore. "Its not like the good old days when you could charge £2,500-£3,000 for one vehicle. With the price of materials coming down there are so many more people doing it and so prices have been driven down," says Sahota. "Thats why we wouldnt touch anything less than £500, because once you've factored the materials and staff time for even just a couple of days, you might see yourself only making £50. So we stick to the higher-end work - if someone's spent hundreds of thousands on a car they're not going to quibble a price of £1,800 or £1,900."

"Even then the profit margin isn't as high as on other sorts of work, " adds Sahota. "For example, if you compare it to 60% for business cards, it's not going to be the most lucrative job you'll do."

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